My favorite parts of the wedding day

Everyone has a favorite part of a wedding day. For some, it’s the cake cutting, the bouquet toss, or maybe the father-daughter dance. As a photographer, my day is a little different than everyone else’s. I see things a bit differently. 

When I first start shooting on a wedding day, I start with the details. That’s the dress, earrings, shoes, invitation suite, and of course the rings. It’s at the top of my list because I love detail shots! I love getting super creative first thing. That raw creative energy that I start my day with is how I keep my creative energy flow throughout the day. By taking pieces of ribbon that match your wedding colors and using them with the rings or the invitation suite, I get to keep those details in the back of my mind throughout your wedding day. Plus, the detail photos look stunning in an album spread!

Another favorite part of my day is the couple’s portraits. Whether they are from a first look, right after the ceremony, or sunset portraits, finally having time to take your official wedding day photos is the best! It’s an honor to capture the memories that will end up on your home’s walls or in the parent albums. Those photos are what people will remember most when you post on your Facebook post, saying, “OMG Jessica, you looked so beautiful on your special day. Congrats!” During a wedding day, I only get about half a day, at the most, to take charge and lead people into poses. If I could spend the entire day just shooting a couple as they look at each other with that newlywed stare, I would. 

Speaking of that look, that’s my other favorite part. Have you ever seen 27 Dresses? It’s my favorite wedding movie (besides the Maid of Honor). Like Kathrine Heigl’s character, I love weddings, and I have been to so many. Her character was right when she talked about how she looks at the groom when the bride comes down the aisle. I do the same thing; while everyone is paying attention to whoever is walking down the aisle, I look at their fiancé. It’s the face that says it all. Sometimes there are tears, but it’s that smile that says, “Oh my god, the love of my life looks stunning, and I can’t wait until they are mine forever.” It’s a quick shot and a must-have for TM Grey Photo. 

These are just a few examples of my favorite parts of wedding days, but the list goes on. What are your favorite parts?

-Taliya Michelle


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