General Tips on What to Wear to Your Session

Whether you are coming to me for headshots, family photos, or even your engagement photos, you will always need to know what to wear, so your session! Check out these general tips and guidelines for how to dress to help prepare you for your session.

  • When in doubt, wear solid colors. You can never go wrong with a nice blue top and a beige skirt. Or even khaki pants and a white button-down shirt. Muted tones are normally best.
  • Dress for the season. If it’s spring, wear pastel tones, shorter sleeves, and don’t be afraid to accessorize with a scarf! Spring tends to lean towards pastels and neutrals, some of my favorite color combinations for photos.
  • Choose an overall color scheme to make your outfit work well together. If you are doing cool, ocean colors, light blues, navy blue, seafoam green, tan, white, and browns look amazing together. Or maybe you are doing a light spring color scheme; white, light pink, fuchsia, and mint. That goes for family, engagement, and other group photos. You’ll want to wear the same color scheme.
  • Keep make-up simple, unless you’re going for a dramatic look. Never be afraid to ask a professional to do your makeup. Currently, makeup isn’t offered in my sessions, but I have referrals for some amazing make-up artists in the area that are quite affordable.
  • Hair is a part of your outfit, too! Do your hair how you normally would for the outfit. If you get a hair cut, it’s best to do it 1-2 weeks before your session. Fresh hair cuts don’t always look best right after. ┬áSometimes people need a little extra time to work with their new hairdo as well.
    • Bonus Tips: Ways to avoid flyaway – Working in natural light means dealing with wind and humidity here on the east coast. So how can you avoid flyaway hairs? Using an ionizing hair dryer or brush will help by neutralizing any positive charge to avoid static.
    • Try spraying your comb with hair spray and combing through your hair.
    • Using a type of hair wax to smooth out your hair will help a lot, too.

  • When it comes to your nails, a fresh coat will never hurt, but unless you’re showcasing them, a neutral or clear coat will do. That includes men too! Having tidy, clean nails, including the cuticles, will certainly give a nice professional touch to your photo session.

If you are looking for more color inspiration, please check my Pinterest page for the least color trends and outfit ideas. Don’t be afraid to reach out to me if you have any questions before your session.

-Taliya Michelle


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