I Caught the Bouquet

Having the right wedding photographer to capture your special day is beyond important. Maybe your great-great grand children want to see what you guys looked like when you were young. Someday you’ll want to tell the story of you and your partner and having photos to cherish those memories will mean more to you later rather than the actual wedding day. TM Grey Photo has always wanted to help spread love and make memories for life, because when I was younger, I had my own memories made with photos at a wedding.



When I was 14, I caught the bouquet at my brother’s wedding.


I have always loved weddings. From the dresses, to the flowers, to the venue…The idea of a big fancy party to celebrate two people in love is exceptionally exciting. I love parties, I love love, and I love people who find their soul mates.


Non-traditional weddings are also a favorite of mine. At my brother’s wedding, my sister wore this gorgeous red dress with a fluffy train. Also to make it even more cool, there were fireworks on their wedding night. Of course that’s because they got married on the 4th of July (super cool, right?).


That wedding was 9 years ago for me so I don’t remember every detail. But I will always remember catching the bouquet in a crowd of women just like all my favorite rom-coms. It was movie-moment and I’ll cherish it forever.


The best part, with photo-evidence, of course, is after my brother tossed the garter. My then-new sister-in-law’s cousin caught it. Something my 14-year-old self was unaware of were some of the traditions that go along with the girl who catches the bouquet and the guy who catches the garter…

(A bit overexcited?)

Being 14, I was horrified…As it turned out, he was supposed to put the garter…on me. My leg. Gahh

(Thanks dad)

That’s besides the point…Even just as a wedding guest, I have these few photos that my dad snapped as memories made for life. Memories that I can hold onto and remember what a fun wedding they had and what a greta time I had myself.


Right there. That’s the reason. The reason I take these photos. I love photography, I love weddings, combining the two is a dream for me because I get to help capture a couple’s special day. They can pass the photos down through generations to be hung on walls, put in scrapbooks and cherished as more than a photo. It’s a memory of a beautiful moment that will live on as long as their love for each other.


Also, I got to keep the bouquet and the garter.


TM Grey


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