If you're new here, then let me welcome you to my blog! I am Taliya Michelle owner of TM Grey Photo & TM Grey Events. I am a New Jersey based Wedding & Portrait photographer as well as a certified Wedding & Event Planner. I of course serve New Jersey couples, but I travel to Connecticut, New York, Eastern Pennsylvania, and wherever happy couples need their love stories told. 

This is a place where I can journal about my lovely clients, what's going in my world, and of course give tips to all the future spouses and wedding vendors alike. Be sure to check my instagram for the latest!

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  1. […] Why are engagement sessions important? I have a whole article delving into that. In short, you should know what to expect photo-wise when the wedding day comes around. Most people don’t get professional pictures done outside of senior sessions or the occasional family session. I’ve been on the other side of the camera, and I understand how poses can feel awkward and how nervous it can be on that side of the lens. It’s excellent practice for you both. Plus, you need nice photos of yourselves outside of the wedding day. […]

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