Looking Up At The Stars: The NEOWISE Comet

Photographing the NEOWISE comet was so much fun. So I haven’t done astrophotography since college. I think it was my senior year in 2015 when I took the motion photography class. Definitely need to try this again! This was my first time seeing a comet. Since we weren’t going to see it again for another 6800 years, I figured we should attempt to see it.


My boyfriend, Jon and I found the perfect spot. We could even see the Milkyway. Which I haven’t seen in years! Growing up, on a good night, you could see it from my front yard, just a little bit. I lived next to a 20-acre park at the end of a cul-de-sac, and it was pretty dark except for 2 streetlights.


Space has always been super interesting to me. We both love Star Wars, and Jon loves Star Trek. We watch a lot of movies and tv about space and aliens. The truth is out there. We love nerdy sci-fi stuff. I watched one of the latest rocket launches after they rescheduled in June. I’m one of those people that believe the ocean is scarier in space. We’ve only explored like 35 percent of the world’s oceans. Isn’t that crazy? I know we’ve explored less of space. It’s really neat to think about other intelligent life out there.


Check out this comet though! It was so neat to look at. July 18 was supposed to be the last good day you could see it. My muggle job as a Video Producer is at AccuWeather and we’ve been talking about it all week. I’m glad Jon and I spent an hour looking at it. Being blanketing by a starry sky while viewing a once-in-a-lifetime moment was quite breathtaking. I am a city girl for sure, but nothing, absolutely nothing, beats looking up at the stars.



I know that the bright star there is a planet. Jupiter? I’m not an expert with stars so please feel free to let me know!2020-07-19_0006.jpg

Taliya Michelle


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