What is an Eshoot?

I realize that I’ve been throwing the word shoot around my social media when I post my couples’ photos. Sometimes I forget that not everyone knows photog (that’s short for a photographer (and I am embarrassed to say I did not get that when I first heard the word)) lingo.

An eshoot is simply an engagement shoot! But at TM Grey Photo, an engagement shoot is more than that.

Trudy & Ben’s Eshoot

Couples can book an eshoot with me outside of a wedding package at any time. I offer an hour-long package and a la carte pricing. However, within both of my wedding packages, eshoots are 90 minutes long and include two locations and outfit changes! That’s basically double the fun, and it’s included in the wedding packages.

So what happens during an eshoot with TM Grey Photo?

First, I warm my couples up. Almost every couple that comes to me has usually only been in front of the camera for senior photos. It’s natural to be nervous, so I start with some basics to get you into the groove.

I always encourage my couples to bring props, but of course, I bring my custom-made chalkboard from Vern Horst Studios. I have white chalk and colored chalk so you can write any message you’d like! A popular choice is writing the date of the wedding!

Although Ash & Lex didn’t end up getting their wedding on this date due to COVID, we get to celebrate their special day in May!

Couples have also brought their own props with a special meaning, like Hannah and Tim during their eshoot. They brought an umbrella, but this umbrella is the same one they had when they first started dating. Of course, I incorporated it in their ring shots. They also had me recreate a photo from their early dating days.

The recreated photo Hannah & Tim Requested
One of my favorite ring shots from an eshoot!
Hannah & Tim’s eshoot
Hannah & Tim’s eshoot

At the first location, I always tell my couples that I suggest we do the casual outfit first. For most people, casual outfits are something they may wear every day. Plus, after you wear the dressy outfit at the second location and the sun goes down, we’re done, and you can head to dinner or date night! Never waste a full-face of make-up or a fancy dress!

Sherry & CJ’s eshoot
Sherry & CJ’s eshoot
Sherry & CJ’s eshoot

Ready to book your eshoot? Send me a message! Let’s capture your love through TM Grey Photo eyes.


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