Engagement Session Outfit Planning

You’ve got your engagement session coming up, but stuck on what to wear? That’s okay! I struggle with what to wear to work from home in my office. I also have, like most of a master bedroom closet full of clothes, so choices are overwhelming.

I shoot bright and bold looks for my photography style, what I like to call, clean, fresh, and fun! When it comes to your outfits, depending on the outfits you choose, your photos can have a more romantic style or a much bolder one. Here’s how to pick outfits for each!

Romantic styles:

This is the light and airy look with the dreamy color schemes. By choosing neutral and light colors, you’ll get that warm, and bright look across your photos.

You’ll want to choose colors like blushes, tans, light pinks, faint blues, and light minty teals, creams, grays, and whites.

More feminine-like styles such as ruffle dresses and skirts that are very flowy in a breeze always photography beautifully. Dresses and skirts with lots of layers are perfect for this look, too. You would be amazed at how impactful moving fabric softens an image.

To keep your photos as light as possible, consider wearing khaki’s or lighter-colored pants instead of dark jeans. You can wear a fun color on the bottom like pink, or baby blue, or even white!

Bold styles:

This is the more vibrant look with slightly heavier shadows because of the outfit.

If you do go for a pattern, make it a large one! Smaller patterns are quite often difficult to photograph. Some small patterns are still okay, but as a general rule, stick to larger patterns.

Only one of you should wear the bold color. If you’re going for the bright and bold look, and you want to do it well visually, one of you should wear the bold color and the other should stick to solid neutrals so you don’t over-do it!.

Of course, talk to me when you need help deciding! Not only am I a photographer, but I also worked in fashion retail for 4 years. Specifically, I spent a couple of those years at maurices, where I picked outfits for my customers personally. I’d love to talk about fashion with you!

Some other things to keep in mind are:

1 – Avoid collars like neons, bright oranges, and bright reds because they reflect poorly on skin tones and can be difficult to edit.

2 – Avoid patterns that are smaller than a quarter because of a strange effect called chromatic aberration, which happens in the camera.

3 – Avoid matching too much; for example, if one of you is wearing dark pants, the other should wear a light-colored bottom. Another example, if one of you is wearing a dark navy top, the other shouldn’t wear a dark or similarly-colored top. Color coordination helps balance out an image.

4 – Avoid one outfit being casual while the other one is dressy. It’s not wrong per se, but it does unbalance the image and make it look awkward.

5 – Avoid tennis shoes/sneakers, graphic tees, bold logos on shirts, sunglasses, and baseball hats.

-Taliya Michelle

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